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23-Jul-2017 16:34

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Already throughout the UK, Ireland and six cities in America, Robyn and Her have now moved over to San Francisco with plans for her team soon to join her and continue their world domination in the world of lesbian dating.I used to work in a marketing agency with a brand consultancy, working on strategy and identity for different brands, I ended up here because one of my clients has a dating business and I got really interested in the space and learnt about it. We hired some freelancers and then we were just working on the evenings and weekends and it kind of got more interesting to me and the opportunities got better.It was when we went to America that people started to offer us money so that seemed to be working pretty well so we just focused on investors over there.We did it as soon as we started getting offered money over there, I still spoke to a few people over here but I didn’t really pursue, I just focused on America.The app focuses on a social approach to dating for women as the website claims, ’Finally.You can start dating a lesbian that hasn’t slept with any of your friends’, it seems to be a solution to a problem that most lesbians would nod their head in agreement about.” Featuring an advice column, video page and blog posts by Lotrian and a slew of guest writers, Card Carrying Lesbian gives tips you can actually use – complete with sexy graphics.

Social Clout: 100 friends, You Tube channel URL: Bragging Rights: Matchmaking and social networking A 32-year-old residing in Los Angeles, Arlan is author of “Your Daily Lesbian Moment!

There’s no mincing of words to be done with Robyn Exton, founder of Her.

The app for lesbian dating is flying off the virtual shelves thanks to it’s social approach to female dating in a more dynamic package than the flagging predecessors and competitors.

Social Clout: 2,480 followers, 199 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Boldness At Just Shore Girls, a site focused primarily on Jersey Shore lesbian life, Ginger makes uncomfortable subjects easy to talk about through real-life examples on love and dating.

“We lesbians are NOTORIOUS for getting attached immediately,” Ginger writes in one of her article posts.I found the whole thing interesting and ended up quitting and running Her. I quit my job and we released it, then from the first 6-8 months was just running it in the UK.